Jesse Lopez Founder of Evolve your Dance & Instructor in the Kansas City, Dance Classes for Adult Beginners

Jesse Lopez
Passion for DanceFounder & West Coast Swing Instructor

Jesse Lopez, founder of Evolve Your Dance and developer of the Body Language Curriculum, has been a Professional Dance Instructor in the Kansas City area for over 10 years.

Jesse pursues his passion for Swing Languages around the world, traveling as an Instructor and Competitor from Coast to Coast and as far as Singapore, France, and Australia.

His most recent accomplishments include winning the 2017 North American Swing 16 Grand Championships and placing 2nd in the Showcase Division at the 2018 Open with the esteemed Patty Vo.

Jesse loves to teach the joy and connection of dance to those seeking community, engagement, and fun. Having pursued training in the American Ballroom and Social Club dances, International Ballroom, Argentinian Tangos, Country Dances, and his favorite, West Coast Swing, Jesse can help anyone learn to dance.

Evolve Your Dance

West Coast Swing is an evolving, modern partner dance, prioritizing music, movement, and mutual communication. The Westie culture is an inclusive and consent-based community that values individuality and developmental education.

Come and see what West Coast Swing culture is all about. We dance, we laugh, we sing, but most of all we are a community that is fully inclusive to all.

Thursday WCS Classes and Party

Come to Viva Dance Studio Thursday night for our Noice, Newcomer & Intermediate level classes and dance party.

Wednesday Classes

We can’t wait to see you Wednesday night at 7 pm for our Hip Hop class! All are welcome, no experience needed! After Hip-Hop, we have our Competitor’s West Coast Swing Class for those who are looking to level up their skills for upcoming competitions.