Why West Coast Swing is the Perfect Post-Covid Social Activity

As we all make the switch from living in quarantine to venturing back out in the world, there’s no better time to consider taking up a new hobby. Whether you’re looking for a way to meet some new people, get moving, or do something fun and new, West Coast Swing is the perfect way to do it! If you’re wondering what West Coast Swing is and why you should give it a try, look no further! We’ve got everything you need to know compiled below.

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What Is West Coast Swing?

The West Coast Swing is a style of dance that has its roots in the Lindy Hop. It’s a partner dance that traditionally is performed on a slotted dance floor to allow for improvisation. This is one of the few dance styles that emphasizes improvised moves.

Laure Haile, an Arthur Murray Dance Studio National Dance Director was instrumental in documenting this dance style, originally using the name “Western Swing. The name was changed to “West Coast Swing” in a 1961 dance book used in an advertisement for ballroom dancer Skippy Blaire. He used this term because there were two ways that “western dance” could be interpreted: it could mean either country or the West coast.

West Coast Swing evolved with the times, surviving the discotheque social dance fad of the ’60s. It was revitalized by disco when partner dancing was once again in Vogue, and by then it was the most popular dance style in California. In 1988, West Coast Swing was pronounced to be the Official State Dance of California.

Why Should You Try West Coast Swing?

There’s no right or wrong way to approach West Coast Swing! It can be danced to any music, with any partner. It never has to look the same and it can evolve with you, as your style and approach change. If dancing is something you’ve always wanted to try but you’re fearful that you won’t be able to keep up, West Coast Swing is the perfect way to get your feet wet and try expressing yourself in a whole new way!

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